This year 7 youth and 2 adults from St. Winifred will be traveling to Indianapolis, IN to participate in the National Catholic Youth Conference.  Our 7 teens will meet up with over 20,000 teens from all 50 states.  


The National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) pilgrimage, sponsored by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, is an exciting, biennial three-day experience of prayer, community, and empowerment for Catholic teenagers in 9th-12th grades and their adult chaperones. 

This pilgrimage includes general sessions as well as smaller  workshops that address a wide variety of topics including: Catholic spirituality and prayer, social justice issues, sexuality and leadership. There are also opportunities for reconciliation, daily liturgy, prayer experience, and special activities such as concerts. There is also a large thematic park which includes interactive faith exhibits, service projects, college representatives and recreational areas for relaxation.

 Here are some videos to help you better understand and see what NCYC is all about.  

A Video of What NCYC is

A video of 20,000+ people getting ready for Eucharistic Adoration


The  first and most important way in which anyone can help is by praying! Over the next several months, please keep the teen pilgrims and their chaperones in your prayers.

Second, this amazing, transformation, faith experience comes at an economic price. The cost of the trip covers transportation, hotel rooms, meals, and registration. Each teen is responsible for paying $760 for the trip to Indianapolis on November 15th-19th, 2017.  Every penny is worth it!  We are asking that you find it in your heart and your wallet, to help fund this pilgrimage!


We would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase “Stock!” The cost is $10 per share!
Supernatural High Rate of Return yielding Active Catholic Teens!

for a Form to Donate 

Sponsors will be publically acknowledged during the Easter Season

An Official Stock Report: upon the teens return from the pilgrimage in November 2017, you will receive a “stock report” via email with personal stories from each teen who attended, as well as photos.

Prayers: the teens will be praying for you before, during & after the pilgrimage

To get an official sponsorship form they are in the back of church

Meet the teens that will be attending NCYC...

Hi !  My name is AlisonI will be entering the 9th grade at Baldwin High School.  I have a wonderful love of Music and the theater.  I look forward to this opportunity to hear a variety of musical styles and to meet with the musicians.  I am really looking forward to the NCYC pilgrimage.  It will be a great opportunity to grow in my faith and meet other young Catholics.  Your sponsorship will allow me to participate in a once in a lifetime experience to share beliefs and to learn more about my relationship to the Catholic Church.  Thank you for your Support! 


My name is Mikolaj and I am in 10th grade. I am also an altar server here at St. Winifred. I love music, play the guitar, and I am learning to play the piano. I also really like cars...a lot. Last summer I was able to attend World Youth Day in Poland with Pope Francis.  It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget and I hope that I will have the same opportunity at NCYC getting to meet new people from all 50 states, experience the faith in a new way and learn more about the faith. 

Hi! I'm Annie. I'm a junior at Mt. Lebanon. I have never gone to the National Catholic Youth Conference, but I am excited to experience a gathering like this.  After just completing my gold award for Girl scouts by making St. Winifred unity cross I am especially excited to see the unity of people my own age. I really appreciate your donation to help support this trip!


Hi !  My name is Paxson.  I am a freshman at Mt. Lebanon High School.  I am also an altar server here at St. Winifred. I am excited to go to NCYC because I want my relationship with the church to grow.  The money you donate with your sponsorship will help me go on the pilgrimage to NCYC.  Thank you for your support!


Hello, my name is Alexander, although I go by Alex. I live in Mt. Lebanon with my Mom and older sister Isabella.  I have been a member of St. Winifred Parish since my family moved back to Pittsburgh when I was three years old. I got involved in SWAT over a year ago, although I often tagged along with my sister before that!

 I am an honor student in my first year at Mt. Lebanon High School. I play trombone in the HS Concert and Marching bands and I am a member of the HS Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Trombone Quartet, and Trombone Choir. I’m a member of Boy Scout Troop 65, where I have held multiple leadership positions such as Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader, and currently serve as Troop 65’s Quartermaster. I am actively working my way up in rank and hope to earn my Eagle Scout within the next two years. I have a great interest in engineering. I’m taking an engineering class in school and I often take up little engineering projects while I’m in school.

My sister went to NCYC two years ago with St. Winifred. She felt it was one of the most spiritual things she has ever done. She returned from NCYC full of joy and excitement about her faith. It made her feel so proud to know that there were over 28.000 other teens at NCYC that felt as she did about her Catholic faith. She still talks about it two years later.  Hearing her talk about NCYC made me want to experience it too.

 I am Courtney  a 10th grader at Mt. Lebanon high school. I love reading and spending time with friends and family.  I experienced NCYC two years ago and would love to go again.  I enjoyed meeting a variety of new people and furthering my religion.  NCYC is an incredible opportunity and I look forward to experiencing the adventure again.