History of Parish

History of St. Winifred Parish

 To meet the needs of the growing South Hills area in 1960, Most Reverend John J. Wright deemed it necessary to establish a new parish and school to serve the communities of Mt. Lebanon, Castle Shannon, and Baldwin Township.  It is believed that Bishop Wright, upon a visit to Wales and finding himself as a small shrine honoring Saint Winifred decided to choose this Welsh girl martyred in the preservation of her virtue as the patroness of the new parish.

Although 7 acres tracts of land was purchased in Mt. Lebanon Township in January 1960 for the purpose of building this new church, there was some opposition and for several months there were hearings, appeals, and petitions.  Opposition was withdrawn late in the year and on December 8 ,1960 a Decree was issued, establishing the new district parish of Saint Winifred with Reverend Benedict Erkens appointed as the first pastor.  Until the completion of the church, Masses were celebrated in the South Hills Catholic High School Auditorium and Father Erkens celebrated the first Mass for Saint Winifred Parish there on December 11, 1960.

 In order to appease the residential neighbors, whose concern was an extensive building program would be drawn out over many years, the Diocese chose to construct all four buildings - Church, Rectory, Convent, and School - simultaneously, a building program that was unprecedented at the time.  All buildings were completed within 34 months and the first Mass in the newly erected Saint Winifred Church was offered on Sunday October 13, 1963.

Saint Winifred Parish has grown into a strong, vital, faith-filled worshiping community.  We continue to pray through the intercessions of Saint Winifred, that we will grow and prosper in remaining faithful to the mission of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.



Pastors of St. Winifred Parish

1960 - 1970  Reverend Benedict Erkens

1970- 1977 Reverence Bernard Hrico

1977 - 2004  Reverend Jeremiah T. O'Shea

2004 - 2013 Reverend Kevin J. Dominik

2013 - 2018 Reverend Peter Horton

2018 - Present Reverend Mike Caridi - Administrator