The Sacrament of Baptism is a celebration of new life for our parish when families come to ask to have their child baptized.  Baptisms are scheduled to meet the needs of the families.  There is an exception as in the season of Lent we all are invited to wait for the new waters of Easter,  unless it is an emergency situation.  During the season of Easter, baptisms are celebrated more often in conformity with the Easter motif of new life.  There are some Sundays when the sacrament is celebrated at one the of the weekend liturgies on Saturday night or Sunday morning, at the choice of the parents.  We ask if you are considering a Baptism after the Sunday Liturgies the time of 12:30PM.


Those wishing to have their child baptized are asked to make an appointment with the priest or deacon of the Parish family at which time the date and time can be determined.  Each family is encouraged to prepare for the sacrament of every child as a special and new celebration by attending a Baptismal Class offered on the last Monday of the month in the Hrico Room begining at 7:00PM.


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