Faith Formation

The message of Jesus Christ and His Church is offered to the whole community with age appropriate methods. Through a mix of formal and informal settings our community can learn about the love of God through His Word and Sacraments so all can share that love and message in our families,neighborhoods and workplaces. 

Faith Formation includes the preparation for Sacraments for all ages, Family Catechesis and activities; Vacation Bible School and adult spiritual and educational opportunities. 

Topics and times are advertized in the bulletin, on this web site, and announcements in Church.  For more information you can contact  Mrs. Colette Speca, Director of Faith Formation  at her e-mail: or Mrs. Dana Mahr at her email or you can reach them both by phone at 412-563-1414.

 The Faith Formation Office hours are

Monday thru Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

we are also available by appointments in the evening.  

Holidays hours may be different, so please email or call the office to check.